Tracklib or a new way to consider Licensing

Hello peeps!

when i was at Future Music Forum in Barcelona last week, i had the pleasure to meet the guy behind the very forward thinking platform
On Tracklib you can find a huge library of songs. These songs are available as stems, you can buy to use in your own production. It is super forward thinking because this is not a sample library, every stem they sell is a real recording of a tune that as been released by someone, on a label, somewhere in the world.
You pay 1.99$ to get the stem. Then, if you want to clear it, there are 3 different prices, depending on the lengh of the sample and its popularity.
For exemple, you can find this track, and all its component as separate stems:

I was super impressed when i first heard about it because licensing is a super opaque thing. as an independant artist it’s always impressing to contact a major label and ask for permission. And most of the time you don’t even get any reply.
I also like the way it clarifies everything: once cleared, no bullshit drama with youtube / soundcloud etc…

of course it is not for everybody, but i like the fact they offer a solution to standardize such an important subject. I’m very curious to see how it’ll be developped in the future…

On another side it is also another way for artist and label to sell their content. There’s loads of interest from different brands about this subject (like Stems from Native Instruments - even tho i love the way they market it :wink:
Here’s a very interesting read about this subject:

What do you think ? Do you think POLAAR should sell its tunes as stems ? :slight_smile:
curious to know your thoughts about it!


It’s definitely something worth looking at :slight_smile:

I ll def check it out. thx for the link.