Outlines est un super label de footwork
ils sortent toute leur discographie en cassette et souvent des choses assez conceptuelle

j’ai écouté ça ce matin et franchement ça tue

In 1996 @richiehawtin launched Concept 1, a publishing project that was the essence of the idea of reduction and minimalism in electronic music. Released monthly throughout the year, the 12-inch singles proved to be one of the most important foundations of minimal techno.
Richie Hatwin’s work has been a very important reference point in the development of the musical sensibility of outlines label owner Pawel @paide Dunajko, so the decision to reach for this classic position in the techno music canon was no accident.
In its conception, the two-part Concept 160 series is an attempt to move the tracks from Concept 1 into an area closer to the aesthetics of the outlines and the work of the artists representing the label. It seems that the music of artists such as @dj-fulltono, @crzkny and the @skipcluborchestra is perfectly cut for this kind of experiment. What’s more, DJ Fulltono and CRZKNY’s Theater 1 project seem to hark back to this creative practice pioneered by Richie Hawtin.