I am looking for merchandising inspiration. What type of merch have you enjoyed lately?

I just bought the DJ Boring tee shirt, I see more and more labels using this platform

et en terme de produit ? Tu as vu des trucs originaux ?

Rien de bien original sur ce site, ils font souvent des tee avec imprimés dos et face.

@marc Regarding the digital Format release, I always thought that we need to be innovatrice to attract the potential Buyer, indeed listener.
This topic was the thought with friends in Netherlands. One of them Maartens, came up with some unique and interesting package who makes sense with the music he was released.
Have a look

We did something similar with POLAAR for the Territoires Vol. 1 release. It’s very nice for limited edition packages !

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Yeah i think something like make the product digital more unique. I really love also the work for the last Mark pritchard on warp. Each track has his own video clip and artwork.
I always wish to have an own loop animation for each track and give an unique experience to listener. Meaning using mp4 and combines animation and music on same time.
I think digital music needs to be more closer to the animation.

That’s damn cool!

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