M4L device to sample the web

easy and super cool :slight_smile:


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Yay! It’ll spare me a lot of time… thx!

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@flore Actually, i can not understand the purpose of this m4l patch. Effectively, i am using soundflower for while, which is the base of that project, and seems good like that by selecting the soundflower and arming the audio track. It is more fluent to navigate on internet via chrome or others and record on a fly? Maybe i did not get the purpose.

some people have problems with using soundflower, so it is just another way to virtually get audio from other application inside ableton.

It is actually based on soundflower. You need to download it of using that m4l patch actually. I understand of everything could be on a same place (Ableton), which i am skeptical about it, because the browser internet is not really useful as our regular one that we are using on daily basis. You need save your favorite website to use it.
Anyway, It is another patch and pplz need to dig on that.
If the thing works, gooOoOd.

i don’t use it myself as my soundcard allow me to do internal routings, but i found the idea pretty cool :slight_smile:

Def a good idea!