Looking for some new techniques regarding fx

The First topic is on me!
I am intriguing of ask your Polar User in that forum what is the the significant fx tool in you music production that you have recently discover and of course, if you are up to share with us.

which daw do you use @H-SIK ? and what kind of fx are you looking for ? creative ones ? spacialisation ? dynamics ?

@flore, I am using different daw for different purpose and also to get out some ideas and try to avoid the routine.
After collecting ideas, my main daw is ableton. My question about the fx is regarding of the notion that you have mentioned as creative, specialisation or dynamics fx. It is all about getting an inspiration and sharing the techniques.
for example using an fx processor as convolution reverb with some rhythmic impulse.

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thanks for the video :slight_smile:

at the moment i’m all about Max for Live. I’m obsessed on how to create unstability and errors in my sounds in order to add life to my drums / synth/ effects and M4L is just perfect for that!
The plug ins you find inside Live library are a very good start.
check out this blog post, it gives good insights:

(except the thing about parallel compression which i truely don’t recommend :wink: