Esther "Pantome"

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Esther “Carbon”

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Carbon inside

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Premiere sur Trax

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Tsugi premiere

très chouette article pour Manifesto XXI

dans la playlist spotify StreamCore

Esther en live à la Gaité Lyrique, soirée Underscope

Esther “Pantome” dans la playlist “Release of the Week” d’underscope:

Aracane Patterns sur Noods

Review dans Faze (numero de décembre)


After her first collaboration with the Polaar label in May of this year, the French producer presents further ultra-modern club detonations that appear under the name “Pantome”. The total of four experimental tracks show Esther’s concrete idea of bass music, which can be around 140 basic beats per minute and influences from UK techno, breakbeat, but also North African percussion. Right at the beginning, the short “Carbon” leaves a trail of devastation with its massive drums and bass. The subsequent “Carmine”, however, seems a little more industrial. The pieces “Violin” and “Granite” again strike more moderate tones and tempos. Overall very special.

Pantome figure dans le dernier sampler Beyeah, et leur playlist “Découvertes de la semaine” sur Spotify
Un portrait d’elle est en cours, mais hors promo du ep (date encore inconnue)

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Music: Esther
label Polaar
Directed by Bloc D and Esther
Creative direction: cédric jaccheri and Amandine Zink
Design, animation, Render, Editing: Bloc D
Mixed : Yoann Lê studio la tannière
Motion design: Valentin Nouvel
Special Thanks: Regarts, Underscope and Polaar