Lurka Heat Mover / Battery ep



I am really digging on that Battery’s track and intrigues on how did he make this main percussive element as melody? maybe @flore can explain to me that?


thanks a lot for this track, lovin it! I’m a big fan of Lurka’s music (as you know :wink:
it’s quite easy to tune percussions, but there’s loads of sound design in this track, pitched delay, flanger, loads of layers…


I thought it was more an FM percussive as drum synth (maxforlive) from Ableton with the bunch of the Effect that you have mentioned. But actually there is so many way to do it. The inspiration on that moment is the key at the end.


I really like what this guy produces. I used to play a lot his EP on Black Ackre.


same here! And he didn’t seem to have released anything for a while…


He has done a few eps and collaboration recently. Check it out his soundcloud page.